Residential Cleaning

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Life is busy and unpredictable. We understand this fact. That’s why we design residential cleaning packages based on your cleaning preferences, desired frequency for home cleanings and budget. No contracts. No hassle.

Remember When?

Remember when your floors shined, your kitchen counter tops glistened and your bathrooms smelt like a prairie full of daisies? We do too.

Regular Cleanings

Life is stressful and so is keeping a clean home. We offer regular house cleaning visits from our residential housekeepers to proactively reduce allergens, bacteria, and of course, homeowner stress.

Occasional Cleanings

Holiday approaching? New baby arriving? Hosting a party next weekend? Family in town? Whatever the occasion, we will make sure your home is spotless.

Move in - Move out Cleanings

Our team offers flexible move in and move out cleaning services to ease the transition to your new home or apartment.

Deep Cleanings

Looking for a clean that really gets down to the dirt and grime of your home to bring back the luster it once had? Schedule a deep cleaning where we will bring life back to your home which it once had.

What rooms are included?

Spotless Co. is here to give homeowners, renters and anyone who wants their home to look and feel its best.

Your bathroom may be your sanctum sanctorum, the inner most place of your house where no one has been besides you! For other’s it might even be communal where everyone shares. For us, it’s an opportunity to bring what may be a sting of an off color or odor back to clean! We’ll focus on all the surface areas disinfecting the walls to the floors and keeping the mildew and soap scum at bay.

Nothing beats the tired, sore eyes after a long days work like a well-made bed and clean, vacuumed floors. In the bedroom, we will put an extra focus on the disinfecting any and all surfaces while paying close attention to removing all the dust!

The kitchen. It is the stomping grounds for late-night snacks. The realm where food creations are made, and the ideal place to find, sometimes, the biggest mess! From the stove to the fridge and everything else in between, we’ll take care of those stains, spots and smudges to bring a freshness to the kitchen!

Your living room is a well-used space in your home. It’s where everyone goes to relax after a long day and watch a favorite TV show. The living room is also for entertaining — an indoor play date for the kids or adults enjoying conversation after a busy week. From the possible pet hair on the sofa’s, the dust hidden on your lamp’s bulbs or behind your pictures on the fire mantel, we will be sure to clean it all 

Spotless Co. laundry room cleaning service focuses on those surfaces that can accumulate dirt, dust, and buildup. We’ll wipe down counter tops and cabinets, tackle those laundry room floors, and empty and clean wastebaskets that may be full of dryer lint, dryer sheets, and other discarded laundry-related items.

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Common Areas
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